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Harwell & Plant

 Founded in 1974

Originally known as Harwell, Bottoms, & Plant, the Firm was formed in 1974 in Lawrenceburg, TN, and included, along with Mr. Plant, the late Judge William A. “Bud” Harwell and District Attorney General Thomas M. Bottoms. Bottoms assumed office in 1982, thereafter the Firm was known as Harwell & Plant.

The Firm prides itself in its consistency of quality representation and its ability to adapt to its clients’ needs in an ever-changing society. While it continues to take full advantage of the more traditional methods of practice and preparation and the continued excellence from its members and staff, the Firm has dedicated itself to utilizing and developing new technological advances and resources to continue to provide the effective service our clientele demands and has grown to expect.


The Firm is celebrating half century of service, experience, relationships and resources to its clients with emphasis in the following areas:

- Elder Law
- Long-Term Care Planning
- Long-Term Care Insurance
- Estate Planning
- Wills & Trusts
- Probate
- Real Estate
- Civil & Criminal Litigation
- Conservatorships

Justitia Goddess

 Half a Century of Service, Experience, Relationships & Resources

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