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The Will


  • Yes, you need one!

  • Over 60% of Americans do not have a will!

  • No Will = you die “Intestate”

    • Tennessee has a will but you may not like it.

  • Simple Will - covers basics

  • Can be as detailed as needed

  • Allows you to give things as you desire

  • Clears up possible confusion and reduces stress

  • Names Executor(s) or Executirix(es)

  • Bonding of Executor - may be waived

  • Inventory requirement - may be waived

  • Terms of the will - who gets what

    • Can list specific assets

  • Beneficiaries

  • Naming of Guardian or Trustee

  • Residuary Clause - all other assets

  • Holographic

    • Hand written

  • Do it Yourself = risky

  • Better - Use “Good” Estate Attorney

Signing Contract

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