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Long-Term Care Insurance Now Available Through Harwell & Plant

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Paul B. Plant Harwell & Plant National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

When I first started practicing law about 40 years ago, my late father-in-law and senior partner, Judge W. A. “Bud” Harwell offered Mike Bottoms and me a lot of good advice. Possibly the best advice he ever offered to us was that no matter how hard we tried we would be unable to do all things for all people. He did tell us, however, that that if we worked hard and conducted ourselves as the professionals he wanted us to be, we could create a network of relationships that would offer us services and skill sets far beyond what we could acquire on our own.

I am most gratified to say that throughout my career as a practicing attorney, I have done my best to create those relationships. I’ve been blessed with a vast number of friends and colleagues in and around the legal profession on whom I have called any number of times to assist me in meeting the needs of my clients. I am pleased to say I believe I have done that once more.

We’ve often talked about how one pays for long-term care. There are really only three ways to pay for it: the government pays, you have insurance that pays, or you have to pay it yourself. We have been able to assist many of our clients to qualify for government assistance for long-term care. We’ve also been able to help many of our clients in developing a financial plan to help provide their own long-term care.

Now I am quite excited to announce that we will be able to provide the third leg of the stool, long-term care insurance, through our office.

Perhaps you know someone in your family who has been burdened with the expense of institutionalized long-term care, or even someone who has had to pay for home care over an extended period of time. Long-term care insurance can help you plan for yourself and your family to try to avoid at least a portion of the financial trauma that naturally accompanies such a condition.

If you are interested in learning more, please call my office at 931-762-7528 and we will set a time for you to meet with my colleagues and me for a no charge evaluation of your situation and discuss what opportunities might be available for you through long-term care insurance.


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