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NHC Scott – Raising the Bar on Physical Therapy

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In 2016, a couple of events occurred in my life that had significant impacts on me and my family.  On July 4th, while I was relaxing at my mother-in-law’s home and taking a nap under a tree, a limb fell out of the tree and hit me on the head.  But for the chair in which I was sitting having a cover which broke the fall, I am quite certain the limb would have taken my life.

In October of 2016, I discovered that I had a stress fracture in my left foot.  Surgery and recuperation from that stress fracture continues to cause some difficulty in walking.

The combination of the two events caused me to be, along with my lack of affinity for exercise, resulted in my being almost dormant for a period of about eight months.  That, of course, had an extraordinarily negative effect on my overall health.

I was blessed in that Dr. Berry-Brown prescribed for me rehab at NHC Scott in Lawrenceburg.  After going through the rehab, I have now continued to be involved in their wellness program which allows me the opportunity of visiting their rehab facility periodically to access much needed machinery for exercise, etc.

I’ve also had the opportunity to serve on the Advisory Board of NHC Scott for a number of years.  As a result of these two involvements with NHC Scott, I’ve learned that there are some extraordinarily competent people affiliated with NHC Scott and their rehab and physical therapy program.  I’ve asked Bethany Lowery, the assistant director of rehab at Scott and my “personal trainer”, to share with you some of the wonderful new things that are happening at NHC Scott. – Paul B. Plant, Esq.

NHC Scott prides itself on staying up to date on evidence based practices to improve our patient’s functional level and quality of life. NHC Scott is now introducing a new certified treatment approach for patients with Parkinson’s disease call LSVT BIG.

LSVT BIG is research-based exercise approach developed specifically for those with Parkinson’s however, it is effective for treating most neurological conditions. Research on LSVT BIG has documented improved ratings on tests of motor functioning in people with Parkinson’s including faster walking with bigger steps; improved balance; and increased trunk rotation.

LSVT BIG treatment consists of: 16 sessions, 4 consecutive days a week for 4 weeks, Individual 1 hour session 1 on 1; Daily homework practice; Daily carryover exercises. LSVT BIG teaches patients to increase the AMPLITUDE of their movements to decrease fall risk, increased functional independence and improve quality of life.

Several patients have already participated in and completed LSVT BIG at NHC Scott with astounding results. One particular patient reported “it is easier to get up and down out of a recliner” and another stated “I no longer trip over curbs and sidewalks while walking in town.”

Bethany Lowry is a Physical Therapist at NHC Scott who is now a LSVT BIG certified clinician. She graduated from ETSU with her Doctrine of Physical Therapy in 2009 and has been employed with NHC since that time. Bethany is also certified in Kinesio taping and acts as Assistant Director of Rehab at NHC Scott.

Melanie Kilburn is Physical Therapy Assistant at NHC Scott who has also been recently certified as a LSVT BIG clinician. Melanie graduated from UAB in 1991 and has been practicing as a PTA at NHC Scott for 26 years.

Currently, NHC Scott is the only clinic in this area that has certified LSVT clinicians and offers this program as inpatient or outpatient. If you or someone you know could benefit from this new, evidence base treatment approach, please contact NHC Scott Therapy Department at 931.762.9418 for more information. Like traditional therapy, a doctor’s order is required. – Bethany Lowry.


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