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Vacation Check List

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

1. Pack swim suit

2. Stop the mail for the week.

3. Ask neighbors to water the flowers.

4. Review estate plan. – – – – Say What?

Truthfully, all of us are aware that increased travel brings with it increased risk. Travel accidents occur every day, and we would not be doing our family justice should we neglect to insure that our affairs are in order before leaving for that long awaited vacation.

Some concerns: Successor Executors and Trustees. Consider the likelihood, or even the possibility, that the person you have named as your Executor or Trustee, often your spouse, might be involved in an accident with you, rendering both of you unable to function properly. Healthcare Powers and Powers of Attorney. Same consideration would be suggested. Might it be appropriate to add an additional Successor Executor, Trustee, or Attorney in Fact at this time? Minor children. Certainly we would want to take all the steps necessary to make sure that in the event of an accident, that our minor children are taken care of. We would want to make sure that individuals are named whom we wish to serve as Legal Guardians of our children, and persons, or entities, we wish to serve as Trustee for any assets we may leave for our children. Finally, Even if you have your documents in place, now would be a real good time to review them. Circumstances do change. There are births, and sometimes unfortunately, deaths in our families. Family members and other loved ones may develop disabilities, you may have acquired property in another state, or have received or are anticipating a large inheritance. In any event, life changes, as well as changes in laws, do affect our estate plans. A review of your current plan, and the resulting necessary changes, if any, can help free your mind to enjoy that well deserved vacation.


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Established in 1974, Harwell & Plant has a long history of service to client and community. Our attorneys and professional staff offer a wide range of legal services to citizens and businesses throughout southern Middle Tennessee. Paul Plant has been a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorney’s since 2003. Through NAELA, Mr. Plant and other Elder Law Attorney’s exchange ideas and other information important to senior citizens. His active involvement in NAELA has offered Mr. Plant quality assistance in his representation of the elderly and those with special needs.

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