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3 Myths About Aging and the Truths Behind Them

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

There are many negative myths about seniors and aging that exist in our society today. While some myths hold some truth to them, there are others that are not based on facts at all and are simply derived from stereotypes about seniors that have developed over time. Below are a few of the more common myths and why they are untrue.

1. Myth: Intelligence Declines with Age

While it is true that some seniors do experience cognitive decline as they age, this is not a normal part of the aging process. In fact, many seniors tend to perform better in certain areas of intelligence than folks in younger age groups do. You may be moving a little slower physically than you used to, but your brain can still be sharp in your golden years. To make sure your brain stays in good mental shape, read and listen to music on a regular basis.

2. Myth: It Is Depressing to Age

Despite the fact that some would have you believe that aging is depressing, many studies have found that after the age of 40, most people actually grow happier as they age. The best way to make sure you stay in good spirits is to maintain good social circles by staying connected with family and friends. Socialization is a great way for seniors to keep their brains sharp and have continued happiness.

3. Myth: Seniors Are Lonelier Than Younger People

It’s true that seniors may be more likely to suffer social isolation due to limited mobility or health issues, but it is still possible to stay very social as a senior. Seniors who live close to family and friends, particularly those who live in assisted living communities, have many opportunities to get out and be around people who stimulate them in positive ways. – Posted by Lana Crews | Sep 20, 2018


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